Hugz are adorable friends who will help soothe, comfort, and support you.

These weighted friends are 3.8 pounds and will hug you back and lay on your chest to promote relaxation of the nervous system. This can help regulate heart rate, breath rate and blood pressure as well as manage anxiety, depression, neurodevelopmental, stress and sleep.

Our weighted, emotional support friends are good for all ages! No matter if you're a kid or an adult, they can help to lower stress and aid in producing calm.

Recommended for ages 2+ due to the weight of the product!

All our Hugz friends come in different shapes and sizes but they are approximately 10" x 10" and are all 3.8 pounds!

Every Hugz is filled with 30% polyester and 70% SGS and FDA certified glass beads. Microwavable and freezer safe!

Every Hugz is CE and OEKO certified.

Simply place your Hugz anywhere on your body to feel relaxed and calm. Our Hugz are portable so use wherever and whenever you need to soothe anxiety, help focus, or for a better, deeper, good night's sleep. Use your Hugz whenever you feel like you need a nice comforting hug.

Hugz can help reduce stress and anxiety through Deep touch Pressure, similar to how a weighted blanket works. This can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which can help soothe, comfort and relax you. 

You can microwave your Hugz to heat it if you're looking for extra relaxation and chill your Hugz in the freezer for extra relief.

Hugz Care Instructions

To clean your Hugz, hand wash only with a damp cloth! Do not put entire Hugz underwater or it may damage the filling.

To heat your Hugz, place in microwave between 30-60 seconds! Because each microwave is different, we recommend starting at 30 seconds first, and increasing slowly to figure out the best settings. Only heat when your Hugz is at room temperature. Overheating may damage the product. Warm Hugz can help relieve and soothe.

To chill your Hugz, place in seal tight freezer bag inside your freezer for up to 2-3 hours. Chill Hugz can help with inflammation and reducing temperature.

With the proper care, your Hugz should last you a lifetime!

Shipping / Orders

All orders in the United States arrive between 4-5 business days after placing the order. Orders shipped to Canada may depend on the carrier.

Please visit our returns and refunds page to view our return policy.

We offer shipping to anywhere in the US for $9.99 or $35 Flat to anywhere in Canada. Our product costs are due to the weight of the product as well as ensuring the product is in perfect condition upon arrival.

Due to the weight of our products, we are looking to offer shipping to more countries at an affordable price. Subscribe to us at info@givehugz.co to stay to up to date on news and updates!

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