The Hugz Mission

Our mission is to be part of the solution to normalize mental wellness. Each Hugz represents a loving warm embrace to yourself or to a loved one. That's why every little detail matters to us. We make sure each Hugz is the softest, perfectly balanced, and best companion for those extra hard days. We believe that this is bigger than us, so every month we donate proceeds to a mental health organization to continue to normalize the space. Never forget what a warm Hugz can do for you or a loved one.

Why We Started Hugz

Struggling from depression and anxiety at an early age, that was then exacerbated by being severely bullied in high school, our Founder Lexi started to develop crippling panic attacks that made it hard at times for her to leave the house. Through the support of an excellent clinical team and evidence-based research, and the love of family and friends, Lexi clawed her way to wellness after high school. One of the tools that Lexi found significantly helpful was weighted blankets that calmed her anxiety, but Lexi wanted to develop something more portable, accessible, and affordable.

After experimenting with different vessels, Lexi launched Hugz, a mental health wellness brand that provides the comfort of a weighted blanket through a portable, soft, huggable animal. She hopes to spread what has helped her through difficult times to all those around the world who need it.

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