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It’s so fluffy and amazing to hug highly recommended if you want to buy your first hugz. It feels like a soft pillow compared to the other two hugz I have, which is the sloth and the duck!!! 🐢

The perfect cuddle buddy

Lola is the best, perfect size to cuddle with and keep with me at all times. I would not know what to do without my Hugz

Sid the Sloth
Breanna Zepatos
Best weighted stuffed animal

I love my sloth and it helps me so much


I got him yesterday and he is sooooo snuggly and love how weighted he is

Ava the Avocado
Emma Port
Extremely helpful

I kind of hate admitting to this but I have struggled with panic attacks, mental health, and depression since I was seven years old. Which is obviously extremely young to go through that. I am 18 now and I have tried normal heating pads, stuffed animals, and medication but nothing has ever done anything to help me. Obviously, I am not cured because of this but it is the thing that helps me best. I have also always struggled with heartburn and indigestion and these helped me extremely well. My doctor even recommended me find something like this with my problems as well as my therapist. I really appreciate this brand and my only problem with this is some of my orders eyes are plastic which makes it very hot when put in the microwave. That is the only problem with this brand. Lexi and I actually have a lot in common when it comes to our health and mental altercations throughout the years and I feel like this is a real brand that I can count on and relate to. Most brands just want you to buy their products with no real reason just to get money. But Lexi specifically made this brand so that people like me and her can have something to depend on in times of need or crisis. Mental health is a very serious thing. I am very appreciative of this brand

Quackers the Duck
Maia Bontrager
Love it

I got this as a Christmas present and I have absolutely loved it but mine did have a slight hole in the wing but otherwise an amazing product. Love my duck

Quackers the Duck
Bernie Theoret

Amazing weighted stuffy! ❤

Sid the Sloth
A good listener

He is a very good listener and a good keeping a secret buddy to and he is very cuddly and a very curious sloth

Sid the Sloth
Julie Smith
Sid is a great gift for my granddaughter

My granddaughter early life was up and down she does suffer from anxiety and stress. Sid is the perfect size for her to sleep with and cuddle. Handling him puts an instant smile on her face. Thank you so much for creating him. She likes him so much I’m thinking of getting on for myself when there’s one in stock I like.

Eugene the elephant:)

This elephant has helped me in many ways. It has reduced anxiety and also helped we with falling asleep. It has this sensation of comfort. When I am feeling anxious or alone I hug it or put in in my chest and it helps sooo much. Hearing Lexi’s story has inspired me and pushed me to keep moving forward no matter how hard life gets. I am so grateful for Lexi and these amazing stuffed animals she had created. They have made such an impact on me.

Doesn’t stay warm for long

Ava the Avocado
Mazie Shurtleff
Ava the avocado

I got Ava for my friends birthday and she loves it she calls it her emotional support Avocado and me and my other friend kept trying to steal it

I live this product!!!! Mine however came without the pit.


I got it as a gift for Christmas and it has helped with my anxiety so much❤️❤️❤️

Cute & cuddly!


Fluffy I love Humphrey rein

Super cute, fluffy, extra cuddly and a very good weight! Eugene is the sweetest!

He was a little dusty and I am sorting out some allergies to him and some of my other stuffed animals, but nevertheless he is seriously the cutest!

Absolutely love it !!!!!

I love it it feels so good and comforting when you need it🤍🫂🥰

Everything I expected it to be!! 100% would recommend this to a friend and no regrets on this purchase!! So worth it :)

Absolutely love this turtle 💗💗💗

I love them!!

Amazing! My daughter is sleeping better now.


This product has changed the way I sleep! So calming and soothing throughout the night